Just a Thought, Spiritual

Who Am I

I am a child of loving Heavenly Parents and as such I know that I will always be loved by them, They love me with unconditional love, no matter what.  Knowing this, helps me understand my earthly parents much better, as they are also children of the same Heavenly Parents. My earthly parents love me and I am fortunate enough that they also loved me unconditionally.  So, with all this love I am truly a blessed man.

I have a wonderful companion, my wife who loves me and my children and grandchildren love me. This is so important to me as I love them all so very much and worry about them so that they will always feel loved and understood.  I pray that they will all be safe in the world of hate and distrust and that they will not get caught up in all of the things of this world.

I am a person that believes that all people are basically good and want to do good things.  I really that there are forces that steer some people in different directions. Some people haven’t felt the love that I have, and they search for being loved, but just don’t know-how.  I pray for them, that they may find peace in themselves.

I believe that all contention is of the Devil, that his desire is to make all miserable, and he does this by contention, pride, and hatred of those that are different.

I believe that we live in one world and that we all have a responsibility to help those that are less fortunate than we are.  I believe that we all need to work for the common good of all.

I believe that all war is evil, that all that oppression is evil, that all that mocking and embarrassing of others is evil.  I believe that Love is the Answer – and to be contrary to some, it was not coined by the Beatles, but rather by God, that we are to love one another.

I believe that we all need to proclaim peace and follow the Prince of Peace