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The Greatest Gift – To Act Unto Ourselves Part 1

All have been given the single most important gift from our Heavenly Parents – that is the gift to Act rather, rather than to be acted upon – This is the gift of Free-Will or Free Agency.

This gift provides us the freedom to act for ourselves -to make our own decisions and not to be acted upon.  This is a critical part of our lives.  Making choices, I mean freely making our choices is one of the greatest blessings that we have – It is also one of the hardest ones. We can choose to do good – to be a positive force in this world of ours – to help relieve suffering, pain, and hurt.  To be forgiving and understanding, to be compassionate and someone that is willing to help the “least of these” without expecting payment or accolades.

We can choose to be selfish, uncaring, ignoring the pain of others. Being indifferent to the world around us – caring only for our own pleasures and gain.  We can be unforgiving and vengeful and take offense whenever we think we have been slighted.

We know by the example of His Son Jesus Christ how we should conduct our lives.  That is, to be love everyone and to do good. We know that our Heavenly Parent loves all their children, and they gave all their children examples that they can relate to – God comes to us where we are. We learn how to be good and loving not only from the Bible, Book of Mormon, but also from the many sacred works of the Reformers, Buddha, Confucius the Early Church Fathers, and Saints.  None of us in this world can say that we have never heard the voice or teaching of God – His teachings are all around us – Just look at this world – and see the love of all those that …