Just a Thought, Spiritual

The Gift Part 2

The Lord gave us this gift of Free Agency to help us grow, so we can choose how we will react to things in our lives.  Every day we make choices, hopefully, they are good choices because we are responsible for them.  If we make unwise choices, we may have consequences for them.  We must accept those consequences, we need to remember that those consequences do not define us, we can learn from our unwise choices.

IF we make really bad choices we can repent, we can try and make amends for them.  Our Lord Jesus Christ paid the price for the atonement – all we need to do is to accept that gift. You may say that you do not believe in Jesus Christ, no problem – God has spoken

Remember that we are all children of loving Heavenly Parents, and their desire is for us to be good, honest, loving and helpful people.  Just as we earthly parents want the same for our children.

If we give up our free will and we allow the world and others to control us – the world and others will put heavy burdens on our backs, crushing our spirit.  It is Satan’s plan to control us, to enslave us, to make us miserable.  It is our Heavenly Father’s plan to free us and make us happy.

We need to remember that we are in control of what we think, act, and do.  And if we make wrong choices, there are consequences – but we have been given the gift of repentance – we can start over again – Christ died for us on the cross for us – He paid the price of the atonement –

Jesus Christ tells us two things:

  1. Love God with all our heart, might and mind
  2. love one another. 

If we live by these two things – we will be able to use our free will to better both the world and our life.