It is my firm belief that only through Jesus Christ that we can find happiness – not as the world has happiness but as the Lord gives unto us – It is through Christ that we can truly find

have peace and joy – This world would have us believe that it is through our own efforts and only threw worldly things and people that we can find joy and peace, however, that is only on a temporary basis – It will fade from us quicker than water through a sieve, it’s not a lasting peace – but rather a false peace – one that Satan uses to gradually guide us to a path of destruction and suffering.

So yes, it’s very important to live a Christ-Centered life – one where we care for others, where we help others and life them up in their sufferings and glory with them in their joy.

Charity is one way that we can profess and Christ-Centered life – having a love for others because of the love that we have for Christ.

Looking around at the world around us is a good way to see the beauty of the world that the Lord has given to us ( such as in Romans) we can also see all the suffering in the world, suffering that we can help alleviate.

Living a Christ-Centered life is one that we lose the self-centeredness that begets many of us ( especially me)

The way we find ourselves is in others – focus on others needs will build us and help us store our treasures in heaven, and not upon this earth.