What a Crazy World – Who am I and What Can I do?

What a crazy world we live in!  There are so many voices shouting to be heard and to convince us that they have the one and only way to go.  They say if we listen to the other voices, they will lead us to hell in a handbasket.  What are we to make of this?  Who should we listen to? How should we act around people that disagree with us?

Where should we center ourselves? How can we determine which path to go down?  So many questions and everyone has a different answer on what we need to be doing.

I think that the very first thing that we should be doing is trying to find our point of view and how did we get there. What’s the most important thing – what comes first in our life – what are we willing to do to find it?

For me, it’s always been about my relationship with God. From an early age I remember learning about Him from the Sisters’ of Charity at Our Lady Help of Christians grammar school in East Orange, New Jersey.  They taught me that I have a loving Father in Heaven and that His Son Jesus Christ died for all people.

I’m not perfect in any way except that I’m perfectly imperfect 😊  I have made so many mistakes, I’ve done so many things that I am ashamed of – many things that I’ll forever be asking for forgiveness from the people that I have hurt –  at times I have a hard time forgiving myself that I can’t see how others could forgive me let alone God – I suffer the pain deep inside when I think of some of the things that I’ve done and the people that I hurt.

Even with all this, I know that God loves me, that He has forgiven me and that I must learn to forgive myself.  It is not easy to forgive ourselves.  So, for all those that I’ve hurt – I’m sorry – really sorry and I admit it was my fault not any of yours, and I ask for your forgiveness, but understand if you have a hard time doing that.

With that said – I know that I must repent every day. What I mean is, I need to turn to God in prayer and deed every day. As I wrote the other day – I need to learn and practice the teaching of Jesus Christ and add in Buddha’s teachings along with other great spiritual minds.  I need to become a Godly man and follow the teachings of these great people and put it into everyday actions.

I love that I was raised during the times I was –  I say in jest that at heart I’m just a old white hippie – That I love everyone ( or try to) I really want peace and happiness for everyone.  The more I study the Scriptures and other Holy Books the more liberal I get – I really believe that those that have been given much must give to care for others – I really believe that we shouldn’t have anyone going hungry – or getting sick because they can’t afford so seek medical help, or people shouldn’t have to choose between food and shelter or their medicine.

In God’s eyes there are not black and white people, not red and yellow people, but His children.  God loves us all, none of use are predestined to damnation – We all have equal access to Him – He opens His heart and arms for us, He will comfort us there.

Brothers and Sisters – I love you!!!!  God Loves you –