Why Can’t We Just Work together?

Why are so many people against helping others? Why do people believe things that just do not make sense? I mean the COVID-19 is real – and its killing people everyday and the numbers are just going up. Even the president says we should expect well over 134K people to die just in the United States.

Yet there are people who deny that there is a problem. There are those that say its all made up to take control of their lives. There are those that want to blame the doctors and scientist and researchers for this.

I do not see how it’s your right to spread the virus to others.  We need to keep having social distancing – cover our faces, wash our hands, keep people around us safe.

I understand that many people are frustrated that they cannot go to work.  They are in fear of losing their homes, not having food on the table.  I sympathize with them.

What we should be doing is working together to help one another. That statement by former President Bush is so inspiring – listen to it here again  https://youtu.be/E6lxKOfn8_E on YouTube.  We should not be blaming anyone or any Nation  – but lets fix the situation first.

Please listen to a voice of reason.  There are many voices of reason.

I read a quote from a past President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Howard W Hunter – He said –

“Measure whatever anyone else asks you to do, whether it be your family, loved ones, your cultural heritage, or traditions you have inherited – measure everything against the teaching of the Savior. Where you find variance from those teachings, set that matter aside and do not pursue it, it will not bring you happiness”

What I love about this statement is that there are many voices around us, many people saying different things in many ways. However,  I beg of you all, listen to the voices that reflects what the Savior would do ( if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, then use the good people that you do believe in)

The scripture that I love most is Matthew 25:31-46  See this Video https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/bible-videos/videos/ye-have-done-it-unto-me?lang=eng

We are to care for each other – Are we sheep or Goats?  For me I am a sheep and my shepherd is Jesus Christ.