Here we go again

Here we go again – Another week on the mission.  January 12, 2020 – and only about 33 weeks to go – but each week more exciting things happen here in Arizona Phoenix Mission.

This weekend we finally had time to go to the Temple – We had been so busy in the office by the time that we get home is are pooped and in bed by 8:30pm.

We really had a beautiful time in the Temple – many joyful and spiritual feelings came to mind – it reminded me of all the beauty there is in this world and all the blessings that come from both being and to attend the Temple and serve this mission.

Blessings are all around us.  It only takes a second or a few minutes to realize those blessings – – I mean look around – and see – count your blessing, count them one by one.

In the temple, I have visions of my yard at home in Maryland – and Boo, my dog chasing the balls as I hit them to him.  It brought me so much joy to think about that. I started to think again – where are we going to live when we leave the mission.  We had talked about moving to Delaware, St George, and staying in Middletown.  The latest is moving to Millville Delaware – that would be close to the beach, and close to 3 of our 5 children – and 6 of our grandchildren.

I wish I knew where we will go – I think it will take more trips to the temple and more prayer to know for sure.  But one thing I know is that while we are serving on the mission the Lord will reveal where we are to go and what He wants us to do here in Arizona – I mean, we were sent here by inspiration.

Will write more this week – So much on my mind –