Being in the Arizona Phoenix Mission

Being a Mission Office Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint must be one of the hardest and sometimes stressful, but most rewarding callings that I’ve ever done.  I never realized how much work it takes to run a mission.  Really – It never dawned on me what it takes to support the full-time Elders and Sister missionaries that teach the world of the love and teaching of Jesus Christ and the Restored Gospel to all those in their mission area.  Nancy and I have only been in the mission field for about 2 months and I for one have come to the realization that there are several positions in the Church that I never want to aspire to – the main one is that of a Mission President ( and his wife). They never have any time off – they work non-stop watching over the mission – and I mean non-stop. Just watching them is an inspiration to me on how much the Lord blesses them to be able to do the work.

What I’ve seen so far – the Mission President and his Companion have the full responsibility for the spiritual and temporal well-being of all the missionaries in the mission – that’s all the full-time Elders and Sisters ( they are between the ages of 18-22) and the Senior Missionaries that are in either the Mission Office or assigned to help Stakes and Wards with missionary work.

The Mission President and his Companion know each missionary in their charge – that is most likely around 200 – and they have missionaries coming in and going home every 6 weeks – and they know them by name and abilities.

They care so much for each one individually – they know their strengths and weakness – they care about their health, their spiritual growth and they find ways to help them be the very best that they can be – if they need help – the find a way of helping them.  They have each missionary’s back.

Not only do they have to keep up with the missionaries – they are ultimately responsible for ensuring that they have safe housing and vehicles.  They are ultimately responsible for all the finances for the mission.

They go to every Stake Conference, they go to Wards meetings and a ton of other ones that I have no idea of –

No, I do not aspire to be a Mission President – I’m having enough trouble just being the housing guy.