What I Pray For

I pray that I will be the kind of man that Nancy always want to be with – the kind of man that is gentle, understanding, loving, thoughtful and one that honors her and provides a life that is full and rich in experiences of life.

The kind of man that knows who he is and one that understands the mysteries of God.  The kind of man that always puts God first and obeys the commandments of the Lord. The kind of man that sees the good in others and looks past any imperfections that others may have, knowing that by seeing imperfections in others only exposes my own imperfections.

I pray that I may honor the Priesthood that I have been given, knowing that it is the “Power to act in the Name of God”. Knowing that only by following the commandments can it be of any use to anyone.

I pray that I may know that this priesthood can only be used for good to help and bless others – never to be used to help or bless myself – knowing that in doing good and blessing others, I to will be blessed – however, the main purpose is to bless others and not look for rewards from helping others.

I am thankful for all that the Lord has blessed me with – a beautiful wife, wonderful children, and grandchildren. I am thankful for the wonderful extended family – for the many blessings that they bring to my life.

I am thankful that the Lord is truly mindful of me and has provided a way for us to serve a mission.

I am thankful that the Lord knows what I need ( versus wants ) before I know,  then provides a way for it to happen.

I pray that I will always be thankful for all the good that the Lord has provides and never take it for granted – or think that it was I rather than Thee that provided the blessings in my life.

This is only Part 1