What are the Basic Doctrines of the Church

What are the basic doctrines of the church and what do they mean to me and other Latter-Day Saints?

The best place to learn about the Doctrines of the Church is at the Churches Website:


Here you will learn what those doctrines are.  Why would one go to a site that is not friendly to Latter-Day Saints to find out what we believe?  It would be like trying to learn about the Roman Catholic Church by asking a humanist.  If you want to know about someone or some group, you go to the source.

1 – The God Head

2 – The Plan of Salvation

3- The Atonement of Jesus Christ

4- Dispensation, Apostasy, and Restoration

5- Prophets and Revelation

6- Priesthood and Priesthood Keys

7- Ordinances and Covenants

8- Marriage and Family

9- Commandments