To Act or Be Acted Upon

This is my testimony – I know that God lives and that He loves us dearly – So much that He gave us the Plan of Happiness – A plan in which we came to earth to gain a body. You see we are eternal beings we just did not have a physical body.

The Plan of Happiness is one in which we come to earth to get a physical body.  While we are here on this ship called we call earth we do not remember our pre-earth life.

While here we have been given free agency.  What does that mean?  It means that we can either act or be acted upon.

Being acted upon in letting other people or your emotions control you – it’s blaming others for choices that you make, it’s like that person looked at us the wrong way so we get really upset and do something stupid.  Being acted upon is blaming others or things for how we act or feel or for the things that we do or don’t do.

To act is to be proactive – to make a conscious decision – to think about something and mindfull make a plan of action and then do it.

It is always better to act than be acted upon.

When we allow ourselves to be acted upon we give up that agency that is ours from birth. We are still accountable for our actions and reactions.  We still have to deal with the consequences of those actions – whether they are good or bad.

When we act for ourselves we are using that agency that we have from birth, using it to be free to do what is right or wrong, we choose good or evil. We have to deal with the consequences whether they are good or bad knowing that we are capable of learning from them more so than if we were acted upon.

When we act for ourselves we are totally responsible for our actions and the consequences of those actions. This being so, we need to train ourselves to make good healthy decisions. As those decisions that we make will have a long-term impact on our lives.

Will every decision we make have a major impact on our lives, of course not, but consider the words of  Gordon B Hinckley “Moments are the molecules that make up eternity” our small action have a cumulative effect on us – for good or bad – Good decision over time will pay off with a very satisfied life with no regrets.  Bad choices also have a cumulative effect.  Which one will be better for you?

All is not lost if your life is full of bad choices, being acted upon or whatever.  Repentance is available – we can change and that change can improve our lives.  We may still have to deal with the consequences of our choices.  Be we can start anew.