Blessed are They That Mourn


What does it mean to mourn –let’s see what the dictionary says:

  • To feel or express grief or sorrow.
  • To feel or express deep regret for: mourned the wasted years.
  • To grieve over (someone who has died).
  • To utter sorrowfully.
  • To be anxious, care about, yearn, mourn;

When we sin, all these feelings come about because when we sin we separate ourselves from the Lord. We mourn our sins because they can lead us to a spiritual death. We worry, we are anxious, we feel deep regret for those sins we have hidden from ourselves and others deeply under our beds.

When we finally come around to recognizing our sins and what those sins have done to us and to those that we love, we finally come to realize that we can’t do this ourselves, we realize that the only way to be free from our sins is to come unto the Savior and accept His sacrifice – we finally understand that he has paid the prices for our sins.

As we start to work though the repentance process, we begin to start feeling the love the Savior. We are comforted by His the loving arms. He has paid our debt for our sins.

As we mourn our sins, repent and turn our life over to Heavenly Father He accepts us because of the sacrifice of his Son.

Here we can see how it can relate to sin – we have such grief that we cannot hid it from ourselves.